The Post Lebron James Fandom Apocalypse

Well folks the decision has been made unless you are currently living off the grid like Gene Hackman’s character in Enemy of the State then you probably know that Lebron James has decided to return to Cleveland to be a Cavalier again. I have to say personally for me it was one of the better stories I’d heard out of the NBA in a long time. Once the news became official it was almost like the universe righted a wrong that should’ve never occurred in the first place. Continue reading

The New Face of Dr. Hannibal Lecter


It’s no longer Sir Anthony Hopkins folks, the new face of Hannibal Lecter belongs to Mads Mikkelsen lock, stock, and barrel. Just before you go calling me crazy I have to stop and ask you first, have you seen the Hannibal series on NBC? If you have seen it then I need to ask you, what is the meaning of quality acting to you? I realize in the day and age we live in where mediocrity is exonerated and true talent shunned that making that last inquiry can be a loaded question depending on the person it’s presented to. That being said however, Mads Mikkelsen’s performace as the stylish, cunning, charming and sadistic Dr. Hannibal Lecter for the last two seasons has been nothing short of brilliant. Continue reading

Third Root’s Revolutionary Theme Music: Album Review

070514_1759_ThirdRootsR1.jpgDo you have a revolution you’re fighting for? Is it a fight to get in shape while struggling to leave junk food alone? Is it a fight to get off an addiction to drugs? Or perhaps, is it an uprising of everyday average people against a billionaire tyrant who refuses to change the racist name of his football team? I’m sure you get where I’m going here, we should all have something that we’re fighting for and until that goal is achieved your revolution should continue to live on. Now just imagine if whatever said revolution you were fighting had its own theme music? It makes me think about how much more pumped I get in the gym when I’m listening to a song like Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”. Something about that song reaches down in my soul and tells me I can do one more set or I can stay on the treadmill a little longer. That’s the beauty and power of music it can speak to us in ways few things can. Continue reading

Join Spike Lee for the 25th Anniversary of “Do the Right Thing” With Brooklyn Block Party

bKlynToday at 12PM ET – you won’t need to ask “where’s the party at” – that’s because Spike Lee will be throwing a block party in Brooklyn’s “Do or Die” Bed-Stuy!  To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Spike Lee’s film “Do the Right Thing” on Saturday, and the director says he will be there signing autographs.  “It is all going down on the single block where the film was shot 25 years ago,” Lee wrote on Instagram Friday. That’s Stuyvesant Avenue between Lexington Avenue and Quincy Street. The party goes from noon to 6 p.m. The film was released June 30, 1989, and tells a story about simmering racial tensions on the Brooklyn block amid the hottest day of summer. Continue reading

Mama Said Knock You Out: NHL vs NBA

LL once said “Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years” and quite frankly the same can be said of the National Hockey League. Hockey, especially down south has become a vague shell of its former days when names like Gordie Howe, Mark Messier, and Wayne Gretzky graced the ice. I can distinctly remember the pop culture tendrils of hockey touched me from a young age watching ProStars with Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and the infamous Wayne Gretzky. What watching that cartoon did for me was introduce me to a foreign world where guys played football on ice with sticks and a New York Peppermint Pattie. At least that’s how my then 13 year old mind perceived it and as a young teen I became enamored with the fast, hard hitting game, chock full of violent quarrels. Continue reading

World Cup Group G and H Predictions

Group G


Soccer Nation Ranking 2

Most Important Player- Marco Reus should be the key to Germany’s success if he can play with that same drive he does in club matches.

My Take- German teams have always been physically strong and focused on defending. But in the past few years, they’ve developed some real technical standouts in midfield — Thomas Muller, Toni Kroos and Mario Gotze. It has led to an offensive, attacking style that’s different from what we’re used to seeing, but it’s successful: Germany led UEFA in goals with 36 in qualifying.

Predictions- They will win this group rather easily and should waltz through to the finals and even possibly waltz through the final match Continue reading

“Fix My League” – The @NHL Edition

fixmyleague-NHLIt’s mid-June, which means it’s time to put a bow on another fantastic NHL season. As usual, the most entertaining and intense tournament in major North American professional sports once again didn’t disappoint. In a dream match-up for the NHL, The Los Angeles Kings defeated the New York Rangers in 5 games. Don’t let the short series fool you though.   Three of the 5 games went to OT (2 of them to double OT) and it was extremely competitive throughout. In the end, the favored Kings simply outclassed and overpowered the Rangers for a much deserved victory. Congratulations to an outstanding and classy team! Continue reading

World Cup Group E and F Predictions

Group E

Ecuador- Soccer Nation Ranking 26

Most Important Player- Winger Valencia accompanied by a young winger named Montero who can play with either foot which gives Ecuador an advantage in certain situations.

My Take- Ecuador has a fragile mentality. When they’re playing with the score in their favor, everything works out. When they’re not, they lose track of the game and show signs of desperation. That’s when you start to see that lack of cohesiveness. Also this team will miss the goal scoring efforts of their late goal scorer Benietez who passed away in 2013.  Caicedo will aim to fill the void in scoring but will it be enough?

Predictions- The weakest of the South American teams I don’t see them escaping this group Continue reading

World Cup Group C and D Predictions

Group C


Soccer Nation Ranking 8

Most Important Player- With the injury to Falcao their star center forward is out of the World Cup with a knee injury, the focus will be on James Rodriguez.

My Take- Colombia are very inexperienced on the big stage. How they respond if things go south remains to be seen. They qualified extremely well, but at the World Cup, the qualifiers no longer count. This is when you need to show a champion’s character.

Predictions- Colombia should advance to the Quarterfinals but not further past that Continue reading