Royal Victory

For the first time in 29 years the Kansas City Royals hosted a playoff game and let me tell you those fans were ready to rock. From first pitch till 4 hours later in the bottom of the 12th not a single fan left their seat. With their ace James Shields on the mound and Oakland Athletics countering with their newly acquired ace John Lester, we were sure to see a great pitching duel. That all changed in the top of the 6th inning with Kansas City up 3-2 Shields allowed the first 2 batters of the inning to reach base and Ned Yost decided instead of letting Shields finish it out turned it over to his bullpen, and Yordano Ventura who came in and promptly served up a homer to Brandon Moss which was his 2nd of the game. This would make the score 5-3 the A’s would tack on 2 more that inning making the score 7-3. Continue reading

Foul Call

Last night the Kansas City Chiefs played host to the New England Patriots in a pivotal match-up. Around the 10 minute mark of the 4th quarter Husain Abdullah intercepted Tom Brady and returned it for a touchdown. What happened next is when an egregious penalty flag was thrown for his supposedly “excessive” touchdown celebration. After the pick six on the future Hall Of Fame quarterback he then got down on his hands and knees and practiced the religious act of Sajdah (which is the Muslim act of praying). This mind you is no more excessive than the many kneel down prayers that Tim Tebow was seen doing after scoring a touchdown. If my memory serves me correctly none of those “Tebowing” moments received penalty flags for excessive celebration. In fact “Tebowing” was celebrated and went viral, fans worldwide could be seen in pictures and videos imitating the devout Christian quarterback as I’m sure you also can recall. Back to the matter at hand however, thankfully this terrible call had 0 outcome on the game because at that point the score was 40-7 in favor of the dominant Chiefs. Continue reading


NHL Season Preview Series- Rule Changes

It’s hard to believe that in just under a week, on Thursday, September 18, training camps will open up across the league with preseason games beginning three days later on the 21st. This is the first of a series of blogs previewing the upcoming season. For the 2014-15 season, the league has announced several rule changes that could have a real impact on the sport. None of the changes strike me as major. Instead, there seem to be some subtle moves that may serve to open the game up a bit more. We’ll lay them out for you and let you know what if effect, if any, the changes will have on how the game is played and officiated. Continue reading

Be Fashionably Correct: Stay Fresh

No ladies and gentlemen I’m not referring to produce at your local farmers market when I’m asking you to stay fresh. The keyword in the last sentence is you and what should be staying fresh is your wardrobe! How many guys still rock that flannel from the 90’s in the winter at the first cold snap? I’ll be the first to admit I have raggedy t-shirts that I wear when I’m lounging around the house, but guys that’s the house! Knowing I’m representing myself, my lady, and a growing media organization even if I’m throwing on a Barbershop Sports t-shirt to run up the street to Publix grocery store I make sure it’s wrinkle free! It’s those types of simple decisions that can make a monumental impact on your wardrobe and how you’re perceived in general. You can sit here and say I don’t care what people think about me and while there is some merit to that here are a few things to marinate on. Choosing the right outfit can lead to great networking connections, promotions at jobs, and umm hello the ultimate connection finding a mate! Continue reading

Fans: The Lifeblood of Sports

Can you imagine a successful professional football team coming into an empty stadium on Football Sunday? Try to picture an empty Lambeau Field, or Gillette Stadium without anybody in the stands to watch the Pats play. Imagine LeBron James on a fast break dunk that he slams down with authority and there’s no one cheering. Pretty much impossible to picture isn’t it? The same scenario holds true for NCAA sports, AFL, Boxing, etc. There’s always going to be somebody there rooting for their favorite team, player, fighter and chances are they won’t be alone. Yes sometimes we can get a little crazy and take things too far when rooting for our favorite team when dealing with opposing fans but it’s that very passion that drives sports from its very core. It’s the taste of your favorite beer, the smells coming off the grills, the comradery of people who may pass each other up on the street in everyday life without so much as a hi, all those people joined together in unison. Continue reading

What If NBA Championship Bracket

How many times has it come up in your local barbershop or around the water cooler when fans of different generations of the NBA say why one team was greater than the other? In our virtual Barbershop on Blogtalk Radio topics like this can be heard often on Wednesday nights during the Inside The Barbershop radio show! Because we love our listeners so much one of our panelists Danny Thompson also host of NBA Full Court Press on Tuesday nights took it upon himself to give you the ultimate What If scenarios for you to review and ultimately decide if these two teams could cross time and play each other what the outcome would be. Thanks to the good people at What If Sports for developing such a great simulator so that we could make this a reality for you! We start with Group A, but stay tuned for more of the Bracket challenge and let us know what you think! Continue reading

Our Damn Baseball Show EP#4 Generations


Last week, due to some programming changes – Our Damn Baseball Show aired episode4 #Generations at Tuesday at 10pm ET. (Yes, in #NBA Full Court Press’ time slot) Overall, we had a great show – Nicole Monique @TWSSSports joined the show at the top of the hour – where we tried to discuss sports, but the focus remained on Robin Williams, his illustrious career, death, and depression.

Co-Host Michael Esposito @SoftBallMike99 joined the show and received a birthday shout out and discussed how to put a bow on the steroid era. Continue reading

Our Damn Baseball Show EP3 #TheTakeOver


Ladies & Gentlemen — The @NikkiXHappyHour invades #OurDamnBaseballShow & the BarberShop Sports Radio Network Lee Vowell (@NikkiX_LEE) will be guest hosting w/ our very own Mike Esposito (@softballmike99) and you can expet a special guest appearance from Todd Vandenberg. (@NikkiX_Todd)  Thomas Murphy #Murph (@TMurph207) is our special #MLB analyst for the show.  All the festivities take place, while the @RealTedHicks attends the #INDvsNYJ preseason game at Met Life Stadium. You’ll never ever know who could show up on Thursday’s show – it’s dubbed #TheTakeOver!!!

What happens when you combine the Nikki X Happy Hour and BarberShop Sports?!?!?!  #WickedCombination

Catch us at 9pm ET or give us a call at 646-727-1963.

To listen to the show – click here.

Our Damn Baseball Show EP2 #MLBTradeDeadline


Michael Esposito ( @SoftBallMike99) & Ted Hicks ( @RealTedHicks) will bring you the second episode of six part series talking about the winners / losers and impact players from today’s MLB Trade Deadline.  We’re also going to talk HOF rule changes and inductees.  Lee Vowell from the @NikkiXHappyHour Show will be joining us as special guest blogger.

You better get ready!!!  9PM ET or call us at 646-727-1963.

To listen to the show – click here.